Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"What You Do Today Can Improve All Your Tomorrows.”

Time and again I have purchased books on self development that have sparked my interest. I have devoured the pages quickly and felt, 'this time I will change my life, this time I will do whatever I need to have the life I have always imagined.' However within a few weeks, days, even hours after the book has been lost in the magazine bin, used as a new sketch pad for my 2 year old or simply sucked into that vortex that swallows one sock in the laundry room, never to be seen again, I have fallen off the proverbial wagon. Old patterns emerge that I vowed to change, everything from my weight, finances (I still think the debit card should know my balance and not let me overdraw) or gaining the courage to completely change my life in order to truly live my dreams.

Does this sound familiar?

What I have learned simply from my running regimen is that change no matter how small or big, real change requires commitment and I realized I could not do it by reading a book or by myself. I needed a coach to root me on every Sunday morning to push me a little farther, help me go a little faster or to let me know that it is ok to not beat my personal best every time. Yes, sometimes our cheering section needs to remind us to let up on ourselves and apply the emotional breaks and sometimes he needs to tell you to kick it into high gear. I often wondered while running with my mentor how I would capture that inspiration when he wasn’t by my side.

We all need our own personal cheering section, don’t we? If you agree, read on. Read on because the Great Life Subscription is just such a solution.

Imagine for a moment a person, a coach in your life, who on a consistent basis is leading you in the direction of your dreams. Encouraging you to take hold of every moment of your life and make it count, who reminds you that your life matters and that deep inside of you is the potential to do, to achieve anything. Sound too good to be true? Ralph Marston created The Great Life Subscription specifically for iAmplify and more specifically for you.

Ralph Marston became known as the Daily Motivator by the tens-of-thousands who have been helped each year by his words, his guidance and inspiration. Each week of the year he will guide you with the steps and motivation to live the life you have always imagined.

I have started week one and feel as if I have known Marston for a lifetime, he is that kind, caring, inspirational and non-judgmental voice inside all of us that so often takes a backseat to all the negative thoughts and distractions in our brain stopping us from living our best life. His weekly downloads are literally a dose of unconditional love. All you have to do is download to your laptop or your ipod and he will remind you that all you need is one moment, all you need to do is take one step towards a new life, that "you can always, at any time become the person you are supposed to be."

"People from all over the world, in all walks of life, have a sincere interest in living lives of meaning, caring, dedication and fulfillment. I am extremely grateful that the technology of the Internet affords me the opportunity to share my work with so many people." -Ralph Marston. I am grateful for Mr. Marston and hope you will join me in this invitation to take small steps to big change. The Great Life is just a download away. Let me know what steps you are taking to achieve a Great Life by commenting on this page.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes I recite to my two children:

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way”. -Dr. Seuss

In this column I will seek out the most inspiring and life transforming content and products to share with you from some of the world's top experts in everything from fitness & health to self growth to conquering your fear of flying. We at iAmplify want you to live your best life. Turn up the volume and amplify your true self to the world. And remember that on-demand audio & video content reduces your carbon footprint. Go virtual. Go green! Download at http://www.iamplify.com/ today!

Ali M

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