Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get in Touch with your Spirituality

One of my New Year’s goals this year was to get back in touch with my spirituality. I’m not a very religious person but I am very spiritual. Whenever I’ve gone a long while without nurturing my spirit, I can really feel the chaos of life start to get to me. There is so much negativity that we face in our daily lives, it is necessary to balance it with spiritual positivity. One of the ways I do this is by meditating. Even five minutes of daily reflection or silent contemplation can help. So on this note, I thought I’d share with you a simple meditation I recently learned. It’s straightforward and easy to do anywhere.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit on a pillow with legs crossed and spine straight. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes checking in with your body. Focus on relaxing each body part from head to toe. Check in with how you are feeling at this moment, acknowledge this feeling and then let it go. Try to spend five minutes on each breathing meditation described below:

1) Breathe in and out as you normally would. Count your out breaths until you reach 10. Once you reach 10, start your count again

2) Repeat above, but this time count your in breath

3) Now breathe in and out and this time concentrate on following your breath as it goes in and out of your body

4) Finally, as you breathe in and out concentrate on how the breath feels on your top lip as you release the breath from your nose

This meditation is designed to focus your mind on your breath instead of your thoughts. If your mind does wander off, just bring your attention back to your breath without judgment. Once you accomplish this meditation, you can combine it with other meditations. Check out some of our guided meditation downloads like The Eflexx Awareness Meditation: Dissolve Stress, The Efflex Empowerment Meditation, Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance, Meditation Emotion and Healing, Kabbalah Meditation, Chakra Breathing Meditations, One Gentle Soul Meditation, Beginner’s Guide to Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Mantra Meditation for Attracting and Healing Relationships, Plum Village Meditations, and Meditation for Beginners

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