Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Staff Picks

For the New Year, I thought it might be interesting to share with you some top download picks from the iAmplify Team. Enjoy!

World of Collector Cars:

I recently brought home some of the Collector Cars downloads to enjoy and found that they have a value far greater than my own personal enjoyment… They are like the best babysitters for our toddlers. My two boys are obsessed with Cars, especially Classic Cars thanks Pixar. Can anyone say McQueen!!!??? My wife and I can now have dinner in peace as our two sons sit mesmerized watching and being hypnotized by Hudson Hornets and Packards, MG’s and old Jags. Even the Classic Mini, so Shagriffic! Bottom line, my wife has always loved our fitness and personal growth experts, but she never understood the true value of our platform until she watched our two cubs silenced by the simple joys of the World of Classic Cars. Download Now. Satisfaction and Quiet Guaranteed! Kipp

Tracy Mallet’s Elliptical Training Package and Yoga for Athletes:

Growing up, I had always been an athlete, training for hours a day. Now with my 10-year high school reunion looming, I am faced with the daunting challenge of getting back into shape. My biggest challenge: time and motivation. So, the first thing I did was head straight to and download Tracy Mallet’s Elliptical Training Package and Yoga for Athletes by Kimberly Fowler. Tracy’s cardio workouts have gotten me back on track and have kept me motivated for the entire time. As cheesy as it sounds, I actually look forward to going to the gym. And, Yoga for Athletes is the perfect combination of toning and total body strength training without any crazy yoga poses or chanting. Plus, I can do it in the bedroom of my tiny New York apartment on my computer so I don’t have to worry about making it to a class. For the first time, I feel like I have started a program that I can stick with…even on to my 20- or 30-year reunion (yikes!).

J.K.D. Body Weapon and Wing Chung Complete Package:

I’ve been studying martial arts for a short time now and was in need of finding a way to practice at home after class. I decided to try one of the Master Wong segments on Tai Chi and found that this was a great addition to what I was already learning in class. Also, it has been a lot of fun learning new and different techniques from such a talented martial artist, all while practicing in the comfort of my living room! If you want get into shape and learn something useful for everyday life, I strongly recommend the Master Wong J.K.D and Wing Chun packages! Kyle

Plyomix Core-Matt Hughes:

I recently purchased Matt Hughes: Plyomix Core and found it to be well worth the cost. The entire work out is only about 35 minutes and it had so many great techniques to work out my core. What I found most interesting was the back stretches. Most people, myself included, don’t consider the lower back as part of the core and often overlook it but that won’t be me anymore. After a few weeks of this training I am already feeling a big change and hope to continue until I get my six pack abs. This is a great product. Eitai

Joe Navarro:

Any Joe Navarro product. Too much of our interactions with other people are spent looking without seeing and listening without hearing. Reams of information are communicated, not by words, but by gestures and tone and posture, and Joe teaches us in simple easy to understand steps how to interpret what is really being communicated beyond the words, and how to be conscious of what we communicate to others by how we stand, or move our hands, or where we look. Invaluable skills, whether in dating, business or poker. David

Core Fitness- Lindsay Brin:

Over the years I’ve struggled with sciatica and other back problems, and my physical therapist has told me the best way to fight them is to strengthen my core muscles. This download gives a tougher, more targeted core workout than any other I’ve tried! It’s really hard but really good and I can tell it’s making a big difference. Kate

Golden Touch Craps:

My favorite product from the iAmplify catalog is Golden Touch Craps, by Frank and the Dominator. This series really peaked my interest because, as an avid craps player, I am always looking for innovative ways to improve my controlled throws.The first time I reached for the dice with the rigid, four-finger technique I learned from the Golden Touch team, I knew that something had changed in my relationship with the game. The idea of being able to control the destiny of your throws transforms the entire experience. What was once a combination of learning the odds and betting on luck, has become an obsessive game of precision, strategy, and skill. I’ve been too busy to make to Atlantic City since acquiring this imposing bank of knowledge, but they better look out when I come marching through next month! Danny

Fytek Body Masters:

I really like this download because when I can't make it to the gym it's really easy to do when I'm at home or away. It comes with tons of different routines so you're never bored. The hip-hop routines are especially fun and I think in general it's a well-rounded workout - it includes everything from aerobics and muscle toning to stretching and nutrition. I highly recommend it. Sheri

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